California Moray Eels

Tending Giants Exhibit at CalAcademy

GUE Backmount Harness

Table of Contents Overview Materials Process Gallery Overview In this project I cover the GUE Backoumnt Harness and accompaning wing that I’m building for my upcoming GUE Fundamentals course. Start: April 12, 2019 End: June 17, 2019 Materials Quick-Release Buckle x11 2in Nylon Webbing 12ft x12 1.5in Nylon Webbing 57in x12 D-Ring w/Bend x33 Metal Serrated Belt Slide x74 D-Ring Standard Guage x25 Hogarthian EPDM Loop for 2” Webbing x66 Metal Belt Slide x27 4lb Trim Weight Pocket x28 3/16in Surgical Tubing 11in x19 Plastic Belt Slides x210 Scissors Butane Lighter Wilton Fondant 9in Rolling Pin11 1in Wide Nylon Strap12 Process I used the DGX Ultimate Hogarthian Harness13, Halcyon Secure Harness14 and GUE's Equipment Configuration Guide15 to determine the necessary components and to act as templates for the final configuration.

Penguin Shift

First penguin shift at CalAcademy

Surface Supplied Diver

Training at CalAcademy

Scuba Kayak Sea Trial

It floats!

California Academy of Sciences Volunteer Scuba Diver

I've begun!


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Fossil Hunting

Florida 2018

Monterey Shootout


Scuba Kayak

Table of Contents Overview Shock Cord Replacement Hatch Installs Anchor System Scotty Anchor Lock Installation Anchor and Rigging Decals Paddle Holders Paddles Battery Box Depth Finder Float Bags Scuba Flag UPDATE Kayak Cart Sea Trials First Sea Trial Second Sea Trial Overview This is my first kayak! Let’s first cover the basics: