GUE Backmount Harness

Table of Contents Overview Materials Process Gallery Overview In this project I cover the GUE Backoumnt Harness and accompaning wing that I’m building for my upcoming GUE Fundamentals course. Start: April 12, 2019 End: June 17, 2019 Materials Quick-Release Buckle x11 2in Nylon Webbing 12ft x12 1.5in Nylon Webbing 57in x12 D-Ring w/Bend x33 Metal Serrated Belt Slide x74 D-Ring Standard Guage x25 Hogarthian EPDM Loop for 2” Webbing x66 Metal Belt Slide x27 4lb Trim Weight Pocket x28 3/16in Surgical Tubing 11in x19 Plastic Belt Slides x210 Scissors Butane Lighter Wilton Fondant 9in Rolling Pin11 1in Wide Nylon Strap12 Process I used the DGX Ultimate Hogarthian Harness13, Halcyon Secure Harness14 and GUE's Equipment Configuration Guide15 to determine the necessary components and to act as templates for the final configuration.