Wood Cupcakes

This is my first wood molding project! Let’s first cover the basics:

  • Start: November 2017
  • End: November 2017
  • Wood Species: Monterey Pine, Forest Red Gum, New Growth Redwood

This is a fun mini project. I tend to have a large amount of saw dust of varying coarseness left over from each woodworking project. I retain some of this saw dust in categorized ziplock bags for later use as potential void filler when using resin and epoxy. After several woodworking projects I had more saw dust laying around than I’d likely be able to make proper use of as void filler and decided it would be interesting to find an alternative use for it. After a little experimentation I discovered that saw dust mixed with Gorilla Wood Glue1 would form a durable, moldable compound. So, needing some decorations for my previous table projects, I decided to mold some cupcakes!

The ratio of glue to saw dust was adjusted until the expansion of the compound (Gorilla Wood Glue1 expands while curing) suited a cupcake pan that I had laying around.

I used Monterey Pine for the tan colored cupcake and new growth Redwood mixed with Forest Red Gum for the reddish cupcake.

Thanks for reading!

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