Canvas Making

In this project I cover my procedure to convert some scuba pictures from my 2018 Monterey Shootout Submission to canvas prints!

Given that 2018 was my first year to make the prize board at the competition, I chose my favorite pictures from the competition to spruce up my house.

The basic process I chose was:

  1. using Photoshop, wrap each image with a 1.5" mirrored border so that when the final canvas print is stretched onto frame, none of the image would be lost on the edges.
  2. use CanvasPeople1 to convert the processed images to 0.75" thick, standard gallery canvases

I preprocessed each image using Photoshop2 to have appropriate PPI (pixels per inch) and border wrap using some very helpful tutorials3 4 5. A correct PPI is necessary to align with the size of canvas desired so that the image isn’t grainy.

CanvasPeople provides some great discounts from time-to-time and at the time of conducting the project, they had a holiday sale for 16x20 canvases ($32.90 fabrication plus $19.95 shipping). Their process is very straightforward and amounts to simply uploading the image, choosing canvas style and dimensions and then waiting about ten days for it to arrive!


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