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In this project I cover a fish identification algorithm utilizing computer vision and deep learning.

There have been many and varied attempts at classifying either fish or fish species in underwater imagery ranging from stills to video data. I cover the most relevant projects here:

kwea123 fish_detection1

This is perhaps the most thorough, relevant, modern and promising project I have come across. It uses

Dataset Tools

Annotation Format Conversion Tools

Annotation Tools

Many annotation tools exist for object detection, segmentation and classification. Here I list the most promising ones I came across as well as my final pick.


  1. labelme2: Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, circle, line, point and image-level flag annotation)
  • There is a handy tool3 available to convert labelme’s annotations to COCO’s required format
  1. labelImg4: Graphical image annotations and object bounding boxe labeling in images
  • There is a handy tool5 available to convert labelImg’s annotations (VOC format) to COCO’s required format
  1. BBox-Label-Tool6: Simple tool for labeling object bounding boxes in images, implemented with Python Tkinter
  2. sloth7: Tool for labeling image and video data for computer vision research



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John Dallas Cast
Software Engineer

My research interests include computer vision and deep learning.