Bicycle Clock

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This project covers a bicycle clock made from a bicycle I used throughout my university years. I had owned this particular bicycle for serveral years (purchased by my dad for me in my freshman year in university), so I was pretty endeared to it. Unfortunately, it accrued wear that amounted to fix, would cost more than the bicycle’s worth. The bicycle was also taking up valuable space in my garage. So, I needed to get rid of most of it, but I also wanted some way of remembering it. After searching the internet, I discovered the great of idea of bicycle clock.


  1. black acrylic paint1
  2. cyanoacrylate glue and fast-acting, hardening spray2
  3. foam paint brush3
  4. 30lb Hangers4
  5. clock movement kit5
  6. wooden roman numerals6

Below you’ll find pictures with captions (if clicked) detailing the salient features of each step in the build process. The clock movement kit assembly isn’t covered, but that is just followed directly using the instructions on the kit. The clock movement kit was glued to the axle bolt of the wheel using cyanoacrylate glue and fast-acting hardening spray2. The wooden roman numerals were also simply glued to the rim of the wheel using cyanoacrylate glue2.


MSE in Robotics

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